This is a long term public record site for displaying any records that you want posted. The cost is $5.00/document for the first page and .25 per additional page.

The funding we get go to pay for expenses (Fuel, hotel, web sites, etc…) for getting to conferences as a speaker and helping set up Peoples Grand Juries.

Our sister sites are http://4-cd.com which is the Four Corners Doctrine web site, and http://ccsus1.com which if the official document site for all State Grand Juries that wish to post there. (Editing access is given to all court administrators for the maintenance of your grand jury site.)

In posting publicly here, you can send your documents to Gary.Darby@Drby.us and use Paypal for payment.

Documents will be filed by Year, month, day, (country code),(State Code), (County Code)(filing for that day); for example 2016033024406140001¬†whereas each document will have it’s own link embedded into the date itself for your use if you want to put it out.


2 Responses to About

  1. Todd Johnson says:

    Can you use the ccsus1 website for public postings of official documents?
    I can’t seem to find blank oaths for marshals, grand jurists or judges. Can you tell me where i can. I tried a free country under court of record common law by judge hamilton at bottom but i couldn’t get to open.
    Todd Johnson


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